Hi, I’m Nick.

I am a 23 24 25 year old former architect student having graduated from the University of Brighton in the summer of 2014.

I was born and raised in Guernsey, and lived in Brighton for the four years I was studying at uni.

After a tough five years I finally got a degree in something I don’t want to do, and instead of thinking long and hard about what my next move is, I spent the summer going to parties, beaches, festivals and destroying my body / drinking far too much.

Looking suitably gormless at Glastonbury earlier this summer.

Looking suitably gormless at Glastonbury earlier this summer.

I don’t know what I want to do now, but it seems as good a time as any to start a blog.

About a year later, I have a bit more to add. I am an aspiring writer. I have a full time job, and outside of that I spend a lot of time learning how to further myself and building on my writing abilities. For the most part (but not the whole part), that consists of reading a lot, and writing a lot. But I still drink and party where I can, so there hasn’t been too much change.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or just want to say hey, feel free to leave a comment or give me a shout at nickjparr@gmail.com. I’m always willing to discuss and more importantly, learn. Thanks for stopping by!


    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for sharing those photos! You really capture that iconic seafront. It’s a fantastic place, I had some great times down there.

  1. Thanks for the follow! Would love to visit your part of the world someday! Keep writing!

  2. erikalisardi said:

    Hey! Thanks for the like on the post! I’m pretty new at this so I know the writing isn’t all that good, but thanks anyways lol

  3. At least you managed to finish the university, I lasted one year and with all the party the scholarship went swimming into the pacific so out I went with it and back to my home country. Then life unraveled in quite a exciting and messed up way also. Anyways, this writing thing I found out it seems to be what is my passion. So glad you found your passion, the story I read was very good. And you have the added thing of knowing about architecture. About the party, at age 30 I entered in the ICU in “shock” the last stage before going into a comma. Diagnosis, severe pancreatitis from drinking too much. I´m an alcoholic basically. And now at age 33 I have the body of a 63. I still love the parties, and ladies, but…moderation, I thought nothing like that could happen to me, but in the long run (in my case wasn´t all that long of a run) you´ll end up paying for it, as you well know.. Actually for me writing is my therapy. Keeps me focus so I don´t derail too often. Nice meeting you. Keep up with the writing.

    • Thank you for your comment Charly. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with alcohol, but at least you feel comfortable talking about it, and hey, it looks like it gave you the motivation to write. You seem in a pretty great place at the moment. I’ll be checking out your blog in the future, keep up the good work!

  4. I like your writing!! you are talented and seem hilarious

  5. Thanks for visiting and liking 3.1416 on 3/14/16. Quite an achievement you made by finishing your college studies and getting a degree. What kind of job are you doing full time? Do you enjoy it?

  6. Hi Nick. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog. I’m very much in the same boat as you, having graduated from university doing something I hated, and now a job that I hate, but am an aspiring writer on the side. Best of luck with your writing 🙂

  7. I visited Brighton over spring break, it was so cute. I loved it! 🙂 Definitely have to go back one day. Thanks for stopping by my blog xoxo.

  8. Hey Nick, thanks for liking my blog post. Sometimes we end up studying what wasn’t really meant for us. It happened with me as well but I think once one realizes this, it becomes a little easier to find one’s own way. All the best! 🙂

  9. Elsie Chan said:

    Thanks for liking my posts. You have some really cool work. I’ve enjoyed reading them!

  10. I’m glad you’ve found your ‘way’ with writing. I’m another one who studied for 4 years (engineering), only to discover I didn’t want to be locked up in a factory all day. Good luck with your endeavours.

  11. Hello Nick, thank you for popping by my little ‘bliss’ (blog is a slightly vulgar word) and liking today’s little missive.
    So pleased you started this blog and do continue with your writing. Please don’t stop partying and enjoying yourself, as long as you look after yourself and are kind to others that is what you should be doing at your age. Pack as many laughs, get together with your friends, chat to people, listen and you will not only be happy but you will be gaining material for your books.
    I look forward to following your progress.
    I raise my g & t to you

  12. Hello Nick,
    Thank you for enjoying my first post, it was definitely delightful and brought happiness to my heart. I cannot wait to read more of your content :).
    Best Regards,
    Karen Pujos

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