Hello Blue Monday!

hello blue monday!

Blue Monday’ refers to the third Monday in January, the third Monday of the year – which just so happens to be today – and has been reported as the most depressing day of the year. Despite being conceived relatively recently (2005) it has taken the western world by storm. Yet how was such a date picked? Not easily, by any means, for the methods used involved complex calculations and hours of time from the very best scientists (it was certainly not created by a travel agency to generate sales of short breaks and holidays, and it certainly is not nonsense) to create a day that brings attention to the gloom and misery present in all of our lives, and an opportunity to compare against others; something super easy and fun to do considering the ease one can now view the shared intricacies of another’s life through social media, the what and the where and the who and the why that is superior because it can be seen.

But of course, if you do choose to celebrate Blue Monday, you can easily become overwhelmed. Don’t fear, as there are plenty of ways to shake off that depressive stupor. Stay positive, take exercise, eating healthy, and (one of my personal favourites), smile. That’s it – just smile. Yep, that’ll work. No matter the situation, there are always precautionary steps to ensure your Blue Monday remains <insert colour of choice to represent happiness>

Or embrace the blues. Go forth and bond with people over shared dislike and mutual hatred for, but not limited to: the weather, being in debt, job satisfaction, unbearable family members, the lump on your neck that you keep meaning to get checked out, old friends drifting too easily out of the field of view, the many reasons you are unsuccessful with the opposite sex, the inescapable routine that is nine to five, living for weekends that you can’t remember, a diet of grease and painkillers and alcohol, jealousy towards anyone with happiness, a bed that becomes you, latest news that continues to escalate a level of unwavering cruelty and brutality, all those wasted years long gone, the quickening and unrelenting pace of time, the uncertainty and inability to rationalise one’s life, and spiders.

So grab the gin, spark a cigarette, and raise a toast: Hello Blue Monday!

© Nicholas J. Parr, 2016

  1. In the U.S., the third Monday of January is Martin Luther King, Jr., day, a federal holiday. Not everyone has it off, but for those who do, there’s plenty of leisure to combat blue Monday–maybe even by celebrating MLK. 😉

  2. I’ve never heard of this Blue Monday! I like it and for all the reasons you mentioned.

  3. I’ve also never heard of Blue Monday, but can certainly understand why it would be ‘celebrated’! Interesting site…enjoyed reading through a few stories.

  4. Great post! Thanks for the introduction to Blue Monday. I too did not know about it. I like the concept a lot. Finally there’s an official day where we can be sad and proud of it, instead of having to be sad and act happy.

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