2016: fitter, happier, more productive

fitter, happier, more productive,
confident and at ease with oneself
and one’s composition,
healthy body healthy mind,
fresh air, clean living, eat well, filter your body,
supplements and medication: good,
sloth, greed, red meat: bad,
a bed is not your sunday,
takeaways and carcinogenic commutes for
a rigged rat race,
learn to laugh at yourself,
live life with a laugh-track.
embarrassment is welcomed,
knows how to have a good time,
with and without stimulants,
moderation is key to keep
those addictions under control
(caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and the like)
admits shortcomings and failures
(only when backed into a corner)
frequent checks at the doctor
(don’t worry there’s a pill for that)
ignore the thrall of the (social) media,
read local, not world news that can’t be changed,
considers with respect that opiate religion.
fitter, happier, more productive
does today what was scheduled for tomorrow
(the early bird catches worms)
routines that never get old on continual repeat,
works hard in a rewarding and challenging career,
respect for your superiors and colleagues
they are your friends (everybody is very good friends)
don’t be stepped on, voice your frustrations,
no muttering on the walk home
alone, and in the dark, and in the rain,
disregard for authority,
un-forcefully fed shit
with a smile on your face
feels no anxiety (feels nothing)
time is on your side,
change for the sake of change
not your questionable and ever-spinning ballast
of morality and ethics,
knowledge of existentialism and personal finance,
the resolution of it all might seem far away
but keep waiting idly for an unknown and unidentified
cataclysm of clarity to bring you to exactly where you want to be.
stop outside the slipstream every now and then
and just watch, watch it all,
you are not just a cog
(you grey speck of dust)
you are not a gear in a machine,
(inutile automaton)
calm, fitter,
healthier and more productive
prepared for the future

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