2015 / Happy New Year

I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into 2015, with a Christmas belly and a slight drinking problem. and now the festive season is over we have January, a cold, wet, miserable excuse of a month. Happy new year everybody!

Dressing up as Frenchman for New Year. Still not totally sure why.

Dressing up as Frenchman for New Year. Still not totally sure why.

Resolutions never work, and the shame of your inevitable failure to become fitter/healthier/less addicted to X will make you feel like you shouldn’t have bothered. So I’ll casually sum up what I’d like to try to achieve over the next few months. No lists, no bold ambitions. Just manageable, bitesized chunks.

I want to be more active, but not so much that it feels like a chore. If I don’t feel like it, or I’m tired, I won’t force myself to go. I don’t have the willpower to become one of those guys for whom the gym is their religion. My work offer a reduced gym membership that I’ll take up, but I can’t see myself going more than once or twice a week. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

I’d like to eat a bit healthier. I’m not going to go crazy and radically alter my diet, but small steps like preparing and taking in lunch a few days a week, eating a bit more fruit, drink more water etc. Buying sandwiches every day seems a bit unnecessary and it’s so easy to spend a fiver every day, and if you start to add that up over the weeks and months it’s…well, yeah, bloody expensive.

I want to read more. This will be easy. I love reading. I got a tonne of books for Christmas and I’ve already read one of them. It would mean cutting back on a few distractions, like watching TV or using the laptop before bed, but that’s a habit I should get out of anyway. A few years back I would have set myself a stupidly unrealistic challenge like 52 books in 52 weeks. I won’t set myself a target…but yeah, I’ll be reading a lot more.

I want to write more. The Creative Writing course I enrolled in has reignited by passion to write, what I’d like to do now is dedicate more time to actually sitting down and typing a few hundred words. When I say write more, I guess I mean both using this blog as well as personal projects. A short story or two by the end of this year would be a nice target to aim for.

Don’t worry so much about money. This might seem a bit unusual; usually you see resolutions promising to spend more sensibly. Nah, fuck that. I’ve just come back from seeing friends in London, and it made me realise I should make an effort to see them more. Living in Guernsey means its expensive to get off this rock, but if I want to spend a weekend in London with mates or go up to Manchester to watch the football, why should I let that stop me? I’m already making plans for trips away later in the year, and it’s the amount of holiday I’ll have to take rather than money that is my primary concern.

And I absolutely promise I won’t try to stop drinking. Because that would never, ever happen.

Our NYE crate of booze.

Our NYE crate of booze.

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